Case Study – MES’s Solution Against Chinese New Year

9 days later, almost all Chinese factories will be closed for the biggest holiday in China: Chinese New Year. Chinese across the country will be heading back to their hometown for family reunion and holiday celebration. The activities will take 2-4 weeks which means during this period, you will not be able to get much help from your suppliers, even […]

Congratulations to MES, Inc. on Winning The Best of 2017 Manufacturing Award for Two Consecutive Years!

Congratulations to MES to be selected for the Best of 2017 Manufacturing Award for two consecutive years. Each year, the Manufacturing Award Program identifies companies that have achieved exceptional marketing success in the manufacturing industry and their local community. MES has enhanced the positive image of manufacturing business through its service to its customers and contribute to the Lewis Center […]

Positive Thinking for Customer

Have you ever had this experience: your suppliers are not thinking and they need your remind and guidance repeatedly, which makes your daily work stressful and exhausting?   Most of the suppliers will not have positive thinking for the customers and the causes may include: Lacking of experience; Lacking of initiative; Lacking of professionalism; Personal shortage, not enough engineers; The […]

MES Ningbo adopts FARO ScanArm HD

Have you ever encountered the situations that your customers declined your products because they are out of tolerance, and yet, suppliers’ DIRs show they are perfectly fine?   We believe this is very common. Customers won’t lying about the dimension, but is it true that supplier is indeed hiding the mistakes? Under the most case scenario, yes, suppliers may provide […]

Happy New Year from MES!

2017 is coming to the end. MES is grateful to all the support from customers, without whom MES will not have significant achievement in 2017. We are also glad to have support from our team members, whose dedicate work brings satisfactory to our customers. We appreciate all the support from our suppliers, who work together with us and conquered all […]